Has Fire Damaged Your Property? We Can Help

Professional Fire Damage Restoration in Saskatoon

If your home has been damaged by fire or smoke, turn to Saskatoon Restoration Services to help you navigate this difficult time. You can rely on us to help you return to your life and get your home back to normal.

We understand the pain of dealing with fire damage in your home and we will work diligently to help you repair your property back to its pre-disaster condition.

Contact us today to get in touch with our disaster restoration professionals about how best to handle fire damage. We’re confident that you will be able to rest easy knowing SRS is on the job.

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    Disaster Repair & Fire Damage Restoration Services in Saskatoon

    We know this is a difficult situation, so we’re here to make sure that recovering from fire damage in your home is as stress-free as possible. Once our specially trained and certified team is on-site, we’ll provide you with safe, speedy, efficient, and effective disaster restoration results.

    Why You Need Professional Fire Damage Restoration

    Damage from a fire can be devastating and complex, resulting in problems in your home that may not be visible to the naked eye and you may not even know about. Cleaning after a fire requires a great deal of digging deep and assessing each and every possible area of the space that may have been impacted by fire, smoke, soot, or water.

    Saskatoon Restoration Services leaves no stone unturned. Our comprehensive fire damage restoration services extend to all areas of potential damage, allowing us to bring your home fully back to a livable condition without leaving any gaps in the cleanup effort. Our goal is to return your home to the wonderful living conditions it was in before disaster struck by addressing all of the effects of the fire, beyond just the surface level.

    Our process at a glance: 

    • Deep cleaning of your home to remove smoke, soot, and fire residue
    • Recovering any salvageable personal property & effects
    • Assessing and repairing structural damage
    • Cleaning & restoring appliances and electronics where possible


    Our Fire Damage Restoration Process

    The end goal of our process is to make sure that your home is both safe and restored to its original pre-disaster condition. We begin our restoration process after a fire by assessing the damage to your property, and then move into the cleaning, remediation, and reconstruction phases of the project.

    Our process includes thoroughly cleaning any smoke, soot, or fire residue present in your home, then moves into structural repairs and reconstruction to any areas damaged by the fire, and also includes work to salvage, clean, and restore all applicable personal possessions, including electronics and appliances.

    • Your home will need to be inspected following a fire to uncover the scope of the damage and determine whether it is safe for occupation.
    • Homeowners insurance may cover the cost of fire damage restoration and home remediation.
    • While we work, we will protect your home by boarding up any damaged windows and doors and covering your roof with a tarp, depending on the weather and structural damage.