Has A Flood Caused Water Damage At Your Property?

Professional Water Damage & Flood Damage Restoration in Saskatoon

When water damage happens, you need to act fast to minimize damage to your home and property.

Flooding following an extreme weather event, a burst pipe, or after a fire can severely damage your home if you don’t act quickly enough. If you need help recovering from flood or water damage in Saskatoon, don’t hestiiate to get in touch with Saskatoon Restoration Services. We provide our customers with a full range of water damage remediation services, including water and flood cleanup.

We’ll work with you ensure your safety and make sure that your home and property can recover from whatever type of water damage you are faced with.

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    Disaster Repair & Water Damage Restoration Services in Saskatoon

    When your house floods or is damaged by water after a plumbing catastrophe or following a fire, you face more than just damp floors. Water poses a massive level of destruction that can pose problems for a wide range of areas in your home. Water damage can also lead to issues with dangerous chemicals, toxins, or bacteria spreading through the affected area. And of course, mold is a serious problem following any issues with water damage in your home.

    Problems caused by water damage, at a glance

    Bacteria & Mold

    After a flood in your home, you will need expert assistance to drain and remove all presence of water in the affected area. If there is any persistent, lingering water or dampness, you are inviting bacteria and mold to take a hold on the space. These problems can lead to further issues like lung disease and other health problems, as well as ongoing structural issues.

    Electrical Damage

    Water from a flood or following a fire can and will damage your electrical appliances and in-home electrical systems. Taking swift action to remove water and clean up any damage will help prevent costly damage to your home’s electrical systems, and can help you salvage and repair any effected appliances.

    Structural Damage

    Water will cause serious damage to drywall and other structural elements of your house. Metal surfaces can rust. Wood and other flooring will warp or be irrevocably stained. By acting quickly, we can help you prevent permanent structural damage to your home wherever possible.


    Floods and water damage can trigger a laundry list of unpleasant odors in your home. You need to act quickly to clean up and repair water damage in order to avoid permanent smells from lingering in your home.

    Invisible Damage

    Often times the damage from water after a flood isn’t noticeable to the naked eye. The problems will hide themselves in the walls and under the floors, or in other hard to reach spaces. This will spread bacteria and encourage the growth of mold. Don’t take the risk — you can rely on our team to flush out any and all hidden water damage hot-spots and take the necessary steps to sort them out.